Steady Growth

Since first planting roots in 2010, SCG has grown at a steady clip. Fast forward to 2018 and we're making a real impact. Working with Ozarks Food Harvest, over the past four years we distributed over 550,000 pounds of produce to families in need, and our dedicated volunteers logged more than 17,000 hours in SCG gardens.


Pounds of Produce Distributed


Volunteer Hours

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Quite a Story

What began as a resource for one food-insecure area has germinated city wide. Our story is one of hard-working people who believed SCG would grow strong from the start.

SCG Partners

The list of people who work tirelessly so our story never ends could be a book all its own. We'd definitely dedicate a chapter to celebrate the generosity of our partners.

Board & Staff

Community gardens sprouting all over town make us happy as a patch of peppers after the rain. Of course, all that growth takes a ton of work. Meet the people who happily dig in.

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Looking for a rewarding way to give back to the community? Or maybe your neighborhood lacks a sustainable source for healthy, low-cost food? Either way, SCG can help.