Growing Together

The first of our Springfield Community Gardens (SCG) was the Grant Beach Community Garden. Right away, the garden attracted neighborhood volunteers to join together and help SCG grow. Our gardens permanent and semi-permanent infrastructure and commitments from the City of Springfield mean many of our gardens are here to stay, and the undeniable impact on the area has led to more and more support from Springfield residents and business leaders.

Community gardens teach kids self reliance while producing healthy food that will help them grow stronger. Community gardens teach kids self reliance while producing healthy food that will help them grow stronger.

Sprouting in Your Neighborhood

Springfield Community Gardens is just that—a community. Tending the garden alongside one another fosters involvement and growth for the neighborhood as a whole, so it's only natural these gardens are growing strong around town. It's wonderful to see so many others joining the community, and we're to help plan or maintain as many neighborhood gardens as it takes to wipe out hunger in Springfield. What then? We'll spread roots all over The Ozarks.

To get your hands on all that beautiful dirt and grow your own healthy food, find the garden near you:

Bingham Neighborhood
201 N. Oak Grove—Convoy of Hope Farm

Brentwood Neighborhood
1900 E. Barataria—Brentwood Christian Church Community Garden

Delaware Neighborhood
1538 E. Stanford—Delaware Community Garden

Grant Beach Neighborhood
1126 N. Broadway—SCG Market Garden
517 W. Calhoun St.—Calhoun Community Garden
920 W. Webster—Fairbanks Neighborhood Garden

Heart of the Westside
907 N. Fulbright—Heart Community Garden

Meador Neighborhood
2225 S. Fremont—Meador Community Garden (Ray Kelly Park)

Midtown Neighborhood
1471 N. Benton—Midtown Community Garden
819 E. Pacific St.—Pacific Street Garden
1630 N. Jefferson Ave.—The Kitchen Garden
705 Drury Ln.—Drury Greenhouse (Trustee Science Center)

Oak Grove Neighborhood
2710 E. Stanford—East Stanford Community Garden

Phelps Grove Neighborhood
912 E. Normal—MSU Campus Garden

Tom Watkins Neighborhood
1909 N. Park—Tom Watkins Community Farm

Weller Neighborhood
1624 E. Blaine—Weller Community Garden

West Central Neighborhood
301 N. Main—Rare Breed Community Garden
727 W. Walnut—West Central Community Garden (Mother’s Brewing Company)

West Side Neighborhood
1405 S. Scenic—West Side Community Garden

Woodland Heights Neighborhood
2031 N. Lyon—Woodland Heights Neighborhood Garden (Reed Academy)

Rogers Neighborhood
1436 N. Rogers—Rogers Neighborhood Garden

Join the Community

We’re always looking for new members to join the Springfield Community Gardens. If you’re currently planning or maintaining a community garden in the Springfield area, get hold of us. Chances are we can help you grow.

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