Anchor Our Roots

Just as plants and veggies need the life-sustaining water and nutrients of soil to grow, the Springfield Community Gardens needs you to support our growth. Neighborhood volunteers, ranging from school kids to senior citizens, are working the garden side-by-side each day. These and other dedicated volunteers from Springfield help produce healthy food and build community pride and togetherness.

To keep our good thing going, however, we need more than a grounded work ethic. We need donations from caring people, like you. To make a crucial difference, just specify Springfield Community Gardens under "Gift Designation" when donating through our partner, The Community Foundation of the Ozarks:

Please Donate Now

Whatever you're able to share will make a direct impact for Springfield families. We need both money—securely accepted through the Community Foundation of the Ozarks—and gardening tools. To help Springfield grow stronger, please make your contribution. We appreciate it.

Your donation will help support a community garden right here in Springfield, MO. Your donation will help support a community garden right here in Springfield, MO.

Community Garden Grants

Because so many people recognize the life-changing benefits community gardens provide, foundations often offer community gardens grants to support the movement. By emphasizing education, fostering healthy communities, and fighting the obesity epidemic, the Springfield Community Gardens make the most of every grant invested. If you can help us find grants for our gardens, we certainly need you to reach out.

In the neighborhoods we serve, the harsh reality is tough to stomach: Hunger Facts