Springfield Community Gardens (SCG) kicks off a year-long effort to educate our community on practical ways to protect soil and water resources with our series of Urban Sustainability Sessions. SCG loves growing fresh, local food while creating community. We also love acting as environmental stewards and advocates by building healthy soils and being waterwise. These sessions offer practical information and techniques for use at your home, business, apartment, or in your garden.

SCG will also be developing the new SCG Market Garden located at The Fairbanks. This garden will allow us to train our community on the production of vegetables and herbs through regenerative agriculture practices. Produce will be sold at the C-Street Farmers Market and will be used to develop value added products. We’re striving to help our neighbors develop food and ag-related businesses with our commercial kitchen and growing spaces.

Let us know if you have gardening questions or need support in starting a garden of your own. We're here to help you through technical assistance, direction, and a growing network of gardeners and farmers who want to see you be successful.

Urban Sustainability Sessions and technical assistance opportunities are made possible by the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) and the Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District (GCSWCD) in partnership with Sustainable by Nature, James River Basin Partnership, MU Extension, and permaculturalist and ecological designer, Ben Tegeler.


Green County Soil and Water
James River Basin Partnership
National Association of Conservation Districts
Sustainable by Nature
Springfield Community Gardens
University of Missouri Extension

Ben Tegeler, Permaculturalist and Ecological Designer

Upcoming Workshops

Permaculture 101

06-20-2017 6:00pm-7:30pm @ The Fairbanks (1126 N Broadway, Springfield)

Ben Tegeler, Permaculturalist and Ecological Designer, will be discussing the principles of permaculture and how you can incorporate practices into your garden, home, and life.

Rain Barrel Workshop!

07-15-2017 10:00am-11:30am @ The Fairbanks (1126 N Broadway, Springfield)

The James River Basin Partnership (JRBP) will be leading a workshop to teach you about rainwater catchment systems. Capturing rainwater is a fantastic way to reduce stormwater runoff while collecting valuable, natural water to use in your garden and landscaping. During the workshop, we will build rain barrel systems so that you'll know just how these work when you get one to your home. This will be a very hands-on workshop and we hope that you all will feel more prepared and empowered to start collecting your own rainwater.