Answers to Common Questions

How do I volunteer?

It’s simple. You show up to a garden nearest you! The Garden Leader will be there one of the workdays, and they will show you what to do.

Are there special requirements to volunteer?

Nope! Just come to a garden with a willing spirit and desire to learn. You don’t even need to know how to garden! That’s why we have Garden Leaders to help teach you!

When are garden workdays?

Garden workdays are different for each garden. The times are listed in each garden and they are listed on the website. Visit this page to learn more about garden workdays for your garden.

How will I know what to do?

A Garden Leader will be there on any given workday, but if you show up on a day a Garden Leader isn’t there, you can always weed! Leave your name on the chalkboard to introduce yourself.

Who is my Garden Leader?

Great question! Your Garden Leader is the leader of the garden you work in. They are noted on the chalkboard of your garden.

Which garden can I work?

You can work in any community garden or in a garden that you’ve purchased a plot. To learn which garden is nearest you, visit the Find a Garden Map.

Am I allowed to harvest food before I start working?

Yes and no. If you have established yourself in a garden and have been given permission by the Garden Leader, you can take some produce. However, remember that if you haven’t worked the community plot, you probably shouldn’t take another’s hard work! Luckily, the community garden environment is that of sharing, so individuals would love to share their produce if you join late. Just try to carry your portion of the workload in the future.

What if someone is stealing my food?

Springfield Community Gardens has never had an issue with theft. But, if you are having issues, contact your Garden Leader immediately as they have special procedures to follow.

How do I become a Garden Leader?

To become a Garden Leader, you have to put time in the garden and have some basic garden knowledge. To become part of a team that may already exist, reach out to one of the leaders to learn how you can get plugged in as a Garden Leader.

How do get I involved in Produce Drop?

The Produce Drop is open to anyone putting time into the Grant Beach Neighborhood Association. You can show up at 2 p.m. on any Thursday at Hovey House. There will be a table there with a member of SCG ready to assist you. On your first day of attendance, you can receive produce without having to volunteer the two hours before that day. But you will have to make that time up. Talk to the Produce Drop receptionist and he or she will be able to sign you up for volunteer dates and times that work best with your schedule. To learn more about Produce Drop, read here.