Cultivating Community

Our volunteers come from all over Missouri. Many are from the neighborhoods we serve; some live in the greater Springfield area; and others are from the MU Extension Missouri Master Gardener program. On any given day, you'll see three generations working the soil together as grandparents share their gardening knowledge with their kids and grandkids. So while volunteers grow healthy food for local families, including their own in many cases, they also fuel family and community relationships.

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We're pretty certain volunteering with Springfield Community Gardens will put a smile on your face and bring you back to help out again!

SCG volunteers make a real difference for kids and families in Springfield, MO. SCG volunteers make a real difference for kids and families in Springfield, MO.

Neighborly Concern

At the roots of any successful organization, you'll find incredible volunteers. Many of ours live in the neighborhoods we serve. Elementary kids and teenagers are working for a healthier future. Parents and grandparents are working for the next generation and to revive the neighborhoods they love. And the Springfield Community Gardens just plain work for all who join us.

Springfield Cares

Neighborhood residents are quick to work our community gardens for healthy food and healthy community growth, but the greater Springfield area knows they can't do it alone. Every hour you help us dig in makes a real difference for your neighbors. And forging friendships while you help a struggling neighborhood revitalize itself is as rewarding as volunteer work gets.

Garden Volunteer Hours

The Springfield Community Gardens are perfect for future certified garden volunteers who must fulfill hours in cooperation with the University of Missouri Extension program. We offer classroom time with experts who teach about pest management, soil quality, and much more. And it's all free!