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Growing Strong—Starting Our Community Garden

Published on 2011-12-06 in GeneralGarden News

Like many great ideas, the Grant Beach Community Garden stems from an unexpected source. What would become a community-wide effort (and will become a city-wide movement) all started because a beautiful gray kitten in a rhinestone collar wandered from its home. Rescuing this precious, little animal from a vine-entangled tree led to a much needed wakeup call that soon changed my life. Traveling house to house, hoping someone would claim the kitten began a 4-year journey to give something back to the place I call home.

Introducing Our Community Gardens Founders

Published on 2011-12-01 in GeneralGarden News

The Springfield Community Gardens' founders will be the first to tell you the gardens have seen early success thanks to the many dedicated Grant Beach neighborhood residents and other Springfield volunteers. That's true, and people close to the project are thankful our founders have done quite a bit of heavy lifting too. Certainly, they've earned a formal introduction at the very least.