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Free Mulch

Published on 2013-02-22 in

We had a windfall of 10 cubic yards (5 full pickup loads) of unscreened mulch arrive on the grounds. It’s more than we’ll need this spring, so bring bags or trucks and help yourself! We’ll have signage but sometimes the signs disappear or get blown down. Look for the piles under the catalpa tree (bean looking thingys hanging from it) on the south side of the Garden. We’ll keep the supply going if demand is there as a service to our neighborhood gardeners.

Individual Family Plots

Published on 2013-02-22 in GeneralGarden News

Demand for individual family plots is high! The ten established plots were adopted out at the last GBNA meeting. We did have one open up, a 14’ plot. With this demand it’s apparent we will need to develop more area for your use. We hope to have new ones available by April 1st, so get signed up on the waiting list now. The plots are quite affordable, the largest ones (64 cubic yard plot) are only $15 for the year!

New Memorial Garden

Published on 2013-02-22 in GeneralGarden News

Sometimes an idea takes on a life of it’s own. So has the Memorial Garden. The kernel of thought was to place a few roses in an unused bed at the back of the Hovey House. It’s evolved into something that will bring even more beauty and glory to our garden.

Boys and Girls Club Grow

Published on 2013-02-19 in GeneralGarden News

Excitement and enthusiasm bubbles over in the Garden on Mondays and Wednesdays when the Henderson Unit Boys and Girls Club visit. Nearly every hand shoots up when I ask “Who wants to dig?” It’s often overwhelming to channel all the energy!

Compost is in!

Published on 2013-02-16 in GeneralGarden News

Our ten cubic yard order of compost is in. Sunday afternoon promises to be a great time to do some outdoor work. We'll be filling the beds from 1-4pm. Come on out and play in the dirt. Bring the kids, they'll love it!

Minutes Grant Beach Community Garden Advisory Committee

Published on 2013-02-06 in GeneralGarden News

Minutes Grant Beach Community Garden Advisory Committee Feb 5, 2013 The meeting began at 6:35 pm. Fourteen people attended. Elections were the first order of business, the following officers were elected. Richard Napieralski, Chairman Robert Anderson, Vice Chairman Priscilla Clark, Secretary Mardell Bontrager, Treasurer