Gardening Resolutions for a New Year

Published on 2017-01-06 in GeneralMarket Garden

At the SCG Market Garden, we’ve been working to transform the space into a diverse garden that utilizes best practices for small-scale production while incorporating regenerative agriculture and permaculture practices. This might sound overwhelming, but really it’s just borrowing from several different methods to try and produce as much food as is healthy for the land while not overworking ourselves or breaking the bank to do it. We’ve been planning and researching and the scales are just about to tip over to the bed-making and growing stage.
To celebrate the new year and our developing market garden, I have some resolutions!

1) I will stay on top of weeds. I will plan to hoe, mulch, under seed a short cover crop, weed whack, mow, or come up with some other method to keep weeds at bay. I will try to cover the soil as much as possible with mulches or intentional plants so my problem weeds will not haunt me for years to come (lookin’ at you hairy galinsoga).
Notice that this is quickly followed up by -
2) I will not beat myself up for not staying on top of weeds when it does happen.
The reality of gardening is that it is a relationship between humans and the natural world. The successes and failures of gardening are not always up to us. The weather (wind, rain, tornadoes, a late freeze), insects, critters, and other humans have a big part in what happens. Sometimes the weeds are super small, you’ll get to them tomorrow, then it rains for 3 days and now they’re not so small and it’s going to take some time that you don’t have. Basically, I resolve to do my best and be OK with it.
3) I will take time to be in nature and not just work in nature. There’s a never-ending to-do list in the garden and it’s easy to keep moving from one task to another. At certain point in the season, this might start to feel like the grind. This resolution is about making time for connecting with the garden in a way that is rejuvenating. I love gardening. I want to keep it that way forever.
4) I will take more pictures. Nature pictures are fantastic, and with as much change as we’ll be seeing at the Market Garden, it’s going to be amazing to put them all together and show what can happen with a vision and some help from the community.

This project has a lot of support and we are so grateful to the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) and the Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District (GCSWCD) for believing in the power of urban agriculture and funding the project. Other support comes from BKD, Bank of America, Community Foundation of the Ozarks, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department and community members like you. Thanks a million and Happy New Year!
Here’s a link to the SCG Market Garden’s earlier blog to explore what’s happened in the last few months: